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CoinPot Tokens – A riskier but more profitable way to earn money.

CoinPot Token Multiplier
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Risky but still worth it for the CoinPot Tokens…

I promised you a more rewarding option to earn money with CoinPot. And that is where the CoinPot Tokens comes into play for reals.

Beware it is gambling although it’s Provably fair! That means you can check every given “random” that it wasn’t altered/tempered.
Therefore you can be sure, the number was decided before you even made your bet.

If you still wanna use this method first you need to register to CoinPot and it’s faucets

You can check out my last article about the process if you click here

So what is this earn free bitcoin opportunity that I am talking right now?


Of course, it is the High/low game. Inside CoinPot you can multiply the coins you collect.

You might remember the roulette “always win” bet technique.

Or even you got burnt by it. (as I did)

Because on roulette you will most likely be kicked from the casino, or reach the upper limit for a bet and therefore you most likely lose all the money.CoinPot Tokens get raised

I cannot say enough time that this is risky business. Do it with caution, I know it is free money, but you worked for it…

Okay, the technique is simple, if you don’t get greedy and you start with enough coins, it will make you a ton of money.

Bets can be either high or low numbers in a 0-999 scale. You can risk 1, 10, 100, 1k and maybe more CoinPot Tokens for a bet.

Multipliers can be 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 100x, 1000x. Of course, the higher your multiplier the lower your chances.

I only did it with 2x and 5x and learned a lot… (also losing a lot in the process)

The technique:

You bet on high. If you win that’s great. If not, double the stake.  Rinse and repeat.

It looks like this:

  1. bet one get 2 or
  2. bet 2 get 4 or
  3. then 4 get 8 or
  4. bet 8 get 16 or
  5. bet 16 get 32 or
  6. then 32 get 64 or
  7. bet 64 get 128 or
  8. bet 128 get 256 or
  9. stake 256 get 512 or
  10. bet 512 get 1024 or
  11. bet 1024 get 2048 or
  12. then 2048 get 4096 or
  13. bet 4096 get 8192 or
  14. bet 8192 get 16384 or
  15. stake 16384 bet 32768 or
  16. bet 32768 get 65536 …

If you add up all the amounts which were put into bets. the sum will be one less than the winning prize.

So in this example: 1+2+4+8+16+32+64 = 127 staked, (let’s assume you won at the 7th round) and your winning was 128.

So every time you start a round of spins you have the sure outcome to gain 1 token.


Right! As long as you have the necessary amount to sustain this growth of stakes, or the luck to win in every 4-5 rounds at max as usual.

There were cases where I lost 16 times in a row. (that was the highest)  And as you might guess, I did not have the necessary 65535 for the bets. 😀 Lesson learned. 😀

It gave me “heart attack” with 12 long losing streaks a few times, but normally around 4-5 rounds you usually win because your chances are 50%-50%  you bet for 0-499 or 500-999.

If you see a losing streak become too long it is better to just stop for a sec and lose like 255 tokens.

Believe me, that is way better than running out of CoinPot Tokens at the 13. round…On lose Multiply the CoinPot Tokens by2

you can set up for this because, by hand, it would take ages to earn.

You can set the loose condition to double your stake. Don’t forget to set up in the win condition to reset the stake to the starting point (1 Token). That way whenever you win it starts from 1 token again.

You can set up to change multipliers, But I would not recommend playing with it.

I did one change which made this thing a bit more stable: On the loose condition I have set high/low to alternate. Which means every time you lose, you not just double the stake but change your bet orientation.

Also, You can set limits on overall lose/win in the given run.

For example, when I tried 5x multiplier I have set the “” to 100 coins.  And it usually stopped the robot on every other win. no wonder tho, after a 5 long losing streak the winnings were 16 x 5 = 80 on a 6 losing streak it would be 32 * 5 = 160 you see the pattern?

But with a 5x multiplier, your high only counts for 800-999 and the low 0-199, therefore, your chances to win are “tiny” which easily mean to get one long (20+) losing streak.

(2^21) -1=  2 097 150 Tokens.On win reset the stake (CoinPot Tokens) to 1

That many Tokens you would need for start, in order to counter a 20 step long losing streak. It is about 0.002 BTC.

Again This gambling stuff is very risky, but if you have the self-control to stop the robot, and lose some hundred from time to time… You can make a serious buck with it.

On average out of 1000 spins you gain around 500 tokens. (~600 Satoshi)

Anyways, my experiences are quite good all I lost was “unclaimed” winnings because to get the tokens I have not invested a dime. But I took out the money from this opportunity. And therefore I know it pays.

What can you do with your accumulated CoinPot tokens?

You can convert them into Bitcoin, or Dogecoin and withdraw some of them to speed up your Bitcoin-bum earnings. You can read an article about bitcoin bum by clicking here.

Or to make an investment/grow your portfolio in CoinBase

In order to create lasting passive income streams, you should invest some of it in more stable investments as well.


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