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How can you earn bitcoin for free to fuel your bitcoin bum lives?

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Getting Bitcoin for free is quite easy. I am going to show you a way that I do.

My method was so simple to earn bitcoin. I did an investment. But not every gamer has this kind of mentality / or budget.

So I am going to share you a few options I got paid from.

First of all, if you have not heard about CoinPot, you should check it out. Click here to access CoinPot

This is an online multicoinwallet which will handle your incomes from multiple faucets. And reward you with its own token as a bonus. <- This will be crucial for bigger earnings later on.

It can handle #Bitcoin #BitcoinCash #DogeCoin #LiteCoin #Dash and its own token #CoinPotToken

Make sure you use an email address you can remember I know it sounds silly but you have to use the same email when you register to the faucets. This is an important part here. Otherwise, you won’t get paid for faucet claims.

After you have registered with CoinPot

You should head to these faucets and register in each and every one of them (with the same email address you registered with CoinPot):

You can use your normal email. (it is advisable) because to withdraw your earnings from CoinPot you need to click on a confirmation link.

I am using them for almost 2 months now and I did not get one single spam.

After the registrations, you can claim your first batch. In all faucet, except for the first one, you can claim in every 5 minutes.

The “Bonus bitcoins” only allows you to earn bitcoin a.k.a claim on a 15 minutes interval.

But do not neglect it! Each and every claim you make will give you some amount of Satoshi, Litoshi … etc. AND what’s more important 3 CoinPot Tokens. (Right now its 3 for every claim).

And one token is worth a bit more than 1 Satoshi on the current rate. But we will use it differently.

There is a huge pool of rewards in CoinPot which gives you tokens and then you earn bitcoin by converting tokens into it.CoinPot Earn bitcoin type rewards

Even without referrals, you can easily earn around a 3000-5000 Satoshi per day just from claiming. Because of the rewards. So let’s check the main ones:

100 claim a day. It rewards you 100 extra CoinPot Tokens after completing the claiming cycle 15x in a day.

Also with 200, 300, 500, 750 claims, it will give you 200, 300, 400, 500 Extra CoinPot Tokens. (with 500 claims a day you would earn like 10000 Satoshi in total at least)

The same for a month (with bigger numbers of course)

And the all-time rewards.

I am not doing this for too long, And still, I was able to invest money, made here, into BitcoinBum and to CoinBase. In order to make passive income streams.

As you can see from the picture I did this without any referrals whatsoever. But helping others can certainly boost income. Because of the average 50% ref commission.

There are many more rewards exists tho, some of them I haven’t even tried to get. But there are some I did unintentionally. Like:

  • all kinds of claim number related rewards: daily, monthly, all time
  • Conversions all time
  • Multiplier rolls in a day, month, all time
  • Multiplier total staked in a day, month, all time
  • Stars earned all time

I have not played, lottery, nor mined any tokens.

Tip: you can exchange these coins/tokens freely with each other at any time.  Beware of the rates tho. This program is not showing you charts.

These are the faucets I love the most.

The Moon ones can grow the claim amount up to a day. So if you cannot claim it in every 5 minutes you do not really lose too much. (except the CoinPot Tokens)

Also, many of them give you loyalty bonus if you claim every day you will get a 1%+ loyalty bonus up to 100%

It is a totally free way to earn some low #crypto income absolutely risk-free.

How to withdraw the money from CoinPot?Paid out dogecoins my last withdraw is in one of the batches

The minimum withdraw amount can be earned in 1-2 days with my “average” performance (around 200 claims a day), I usually get like 300 Dogecoins on a 3-4 days interval.

I saved a lot of the CoinPot Tokens. So only converted the other cryptos to Dogecoin. Then I used the withdraw option to a Dogecoin wallet. which can be downloaded from

Or you can use any other Doge Coin capable wallet of your choice as long as their addresses start with D.

You can withdraw your funds in each of the offered cryptos, so you can withdraw Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, BitcoinCash, or Doge.

I did this Dogecoin grab intentionally in order to have a smooth deposit into Bitcoin-Bum.

After a withdraw request, you have to click on the link sent to you by email, in order to confirm your intentions.
Then you have to wait 48 hours. and voila.

Unless you typed a wrong address you will have the amount in the chosen wallet.

Btw the CoinPot Tokens worth is just about a little bit above a Satoshi at the moment. So if you convert like 100 Token to BTC you will get ~120 Satoshi or 0.00000120 BTC. This can vary from time to time depending on the current rate.

But getting 100 tokens is like 2 x 2 minutes of work by claiming, not more.

I just thought about I might have confused you so make it right

This is CoinPot. And there is another webpage with a similar name called CoinBase. I did a review on that one as well. you can read the article about Coinbase by clicking here

There is a much riskier and way more rewarding option to earn bitcoin inside CoinBase tho.

And that is in another blog post about CoinPot Token multiplier  <- Click


If you register via my affiliate links I will be honored.

Just please make sure you do it in the right order, for your sake. Again: First the wallet (CoinPot), then the same email to the faucets.

If you have any experience with it let me know in the comments. Also, let me know if you have any questions.



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