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Earn bitcoin with Bitcoin Bum – The economic simulator game.

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Bitcoin Bum is a pretty funny-themed roleplaying and economic simulator “game”.

You can start it for free and you have the option to invest money and earn bitcoin faster.

A Bitcoin Bum. He is out to earn bitcoins


In Bitcoin Bum you start as a dirty bum without any housing in Bum City. You have quite a lot of options to earn bitcoin, experience, trust, and authority to reach more lucrative job opportunities as well. The game (as of yet) is 18 days old! But the team behind it has a long-running farm game with similar principles, created back in 2014.
So if anything BitcoinBum can be described as the best time and the best place to earn bitcoin big time.

Options to earn bitcoin for free:

There is a “faucet”, you can start earning right from the get-go without any investment. Called “beg for money”  and it really is free money! Not much, but it is totally free. You only need to start this job once and claim your earnings at least 1x a day.

With this income, you can start a job, create a bank deposit and get interests from it. Or you can try your luck in minigames like head&tails … And many more options will come.

On this blog I will create some posts about how you can earn free crypto fast, so you can boost the start inside BitcoinBum as well with that money.

Also, the game has a 3 level referral income potential. If you are good with internet marketing you can have some passive income as well. It states 7% on the first level, 3% on the second level and 1% for the third level.  So when they deposit money you’ll earn.

AND this one shocked me this game has an “autorefback” option. I never heard anything like it, but I love it already. You can set this 0% 25% 50% 75% and it means you can give back money to your REFERRALS from your own incentives. I am using it at 50% so I will share my referral commissions back to the people in my team. Which will speed up the process for them to earn money faster! It is a pay it forward option. And you can benefit from it by registering through my referral link: Click here.

Also, there are “jobs” with which you can earn your starter capital. These includes:

  • A former manager he can earn bitcoins.Creating a youtube video about the project.
  • Help the developers with bug reporting.
  • Make a re-post to your VK.COM account and follow their own page.
  • Make a post on the mmgp forum.
  • Create a blog post about the game

So far these are the options to make money starting with the free method.

Yesterday a new update came, and there are other ways to make money with the game.

Also today I made a blog post about how to start/boost your income in BitCoin-Bum with another free opportunity.

You can read the article by clicking here

In Bitcoin-Bum you can earn even 1 or more Bitcoins per day.

Yes, you absolutely can. It takes either “long” work or a bigger deposit. OR both, but it is totally possible.

So the main earnings in this game are from your Jobs. You pay a starting fee and get a daily profit. But unlike other HYIPs, these were designed with long-term stability!

First of all, you will not get back the initial cost. (Not directly, but the profits will exceed it)  Secondly for each high paying job you need to have housing inside the city. Each job has a corresponding housing option. You need to uphold the housing throughout the 250 days while your job creates you the money day after day.

Check this out how funny this is in this case:

First high paying job right now is “Collect Rubish”  you can start it with 0.00010000 BTC, also before you start it you need to rent a trash box for 0.00001000 BTC.

This job will last 250 days, that’s ~9 months so you need to pay the trash box rent price 8 more times. which means your total investment overall will be 0.00019000 BTC (you only need to pay 11000 satoshis up front.)

On the other hand, this job will give you 0.00000115 BTC daily. for the 250 days. Math: 115 Satoshi x 250 = 0,00028750 BTC so you will profit 9750 Satoshi. Sounds dull right. Don’t forget some things.

  • This is just the most basic job!
  • You can easily start it for free.
  • Daily money.
  • BTC can go up like crazy.
  • This is only 1x multiplier. (you can multiply a job 10 times) But you don1t need to rent 10 housing for it.
  • That is very close to 50% pure profit for 9 months. (if you investing real money you know that still is a great profit)

Okay, so what about the current most profitable job?Bitcoin Bum Player. He earns bitcoin everyday. And a lot of them.

Your investment will be 0.55000000 BTC + 8 x 0.05000000 BTC.  Sum: 0.95 BTC.

Daily income: 0.00750000 BTC x 250 days = 1.875 BTC

That means, pure profit: 0.925 BTC that is very close to 100% profit over 9 months.

And we haven’t even talked about multipliers. By the way, this 0.0075 BTC with the current almost $8000 = 1 BTC rate is about $60 daily income that’s $1800 a month. Passively. I mean clicking 3 buttons a day is not active work.

You can start building up your empire and earn bitcoin by using your lower incomes to start bigger and better jobs. And over time you can reach a full-time income in real life Earning over 1 or more bitcoin.

There are other business opportunities than  “jobs”. Those are paying even better rates but requires even more upfront costs. Called bribes. You need to have a big enough thrust level with the mayor of the city in order to even start one of these.

You can have as many jobs as you want if you have the necessary housing and the starter capital for it.

It is your decision to either withdraw your money or reinvest your earnings if you wanna make a bigger daily income.

With each job and house rents, you pay for, you get XP. And as your character levels up, you will have more and more options.

From the in-game bank, you can get a loan to speed up your earnings! (But I really do not recommend it)

If you want to try it for free and willing to deposit money later, you can get a loan inside the game and from that money, you can start job/jobs at once.

But there is a catch! While you have an active loan you cannot withdraw money, You can repay your loan ONLY with real deposits.

So you cannot repay it from your daily in-game earnings. It is necessary from the firm’s and from a stability standpoint.

Otherwise, all the money were “nonexistent” because everyone would abuse this feature to speed up his/her earnings for free.

Therefore there would not be real, valuable money in the economy.


And of course, there is a 1% daily interest rate on your loan.

So plan accordingly.

And do the math before you mindlessly start smashing that get a loan button.

I would only use this feature in case I have to wait a few days to be able to deposit fund. (For instance when you waiting for withdrawal at CoinPot or something like it.)

With your earnings from these jobs, you can do a bunch of things.

You can:Got paid from Bitcoin-Bum

  • put them into bank deposits for 30 days earning 5%-25% interests on them. There are options here, to where the interests are going.
  • risk it in minigames (possibility to win more).
  • reinvest” them into other jobs, or to use it as a bribe, in order to get more possibilities and daily income.
  • withdraw those earned bitcoins any time to a Perfect-Money account or to your cryptocurrency wallets.

As you can see they are paying. And it actually arrived into my PerfectMoney account within 24 hours instead of the 48 they stated initially.

There are two balance: in this game, one is for the conclusion (a.k.a earned/ withdraw capably) and one is for purchases (this cannot be withdrawn, but you can use it to pay for things in-game)

You can convert your balance in “Conclusion” to “Purchases” balance but not the other way around! So if you want to grow your business use the converter. If you want to withdraw the earnings make sure it is or it will land on the conclusion balance of yours.

The Game has a detailed tutorial

I was confused at first, how these things work, but the in-game tutorial is very informative. Also whenever new functions arrive they post news about it. For instance, the bank deposits and the loan option is brand new at the moment.

I think this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make your fortune.

You have everything you need. Right now it is brand new, so promoting it should not be a problem.

You can start it for free, but do not forget the 50% refback so if you plan to invest you will get back more than your own deposit (If you register through my link-> Click here).

Social options

There are 2 in-game chat system one for English and one for Russian. It is quite active from time to time. And many ppl willing to help there, (including me)

Also, there is an in-game private message system which costs 10 Satoshis to use.

The game is in active development. I am excitingly waiting for every news. and started earning in the meantime. When this post was created I was on level 5. not much yet, but it is around a buck a day in pure profit.

Deposit options:

There are a lot. You can check them on the page, I only list here a few:

I used my Coinbase multi wallet to deposit BTC.  It was like a half hour at max till I could start to spend that money on jobs. (Click here to learn more about Coinbase)

I used my Doge Coin wallet to push my earned free money into this game. I mean the earnings coming from this method <- click

Also, I am planning to use my Perfect money account to deposit some more from my bank account. To speed up my ” earn bitcoin ” project.

Withdraw options are almost the same, so you can get BTC to your wallets or money to a Perfect money account… and many more options.

The stability of the game economics

There are mechanics in the game where the owners earn money. For instance, bribes. You need to make some if you want more lucrative jobs called Businesses. The in-game private message system is another paid function. As well as the minigames in case you lose.  And the need for housing is another place where the owners of the game raise it’s capital, in order to be able to pay the interests on the jobs. And there is the 1% daily interest when you take out a loan. So it is pretty balanced, unlike the other HYIPs where the money comes only from the late-joiner investors.

In the news, there were rumors about possible PTC options. So another great way to all of us to raise capital.

Here, the business itself has ways to raise its capital. Which means a long-term investment option for us. So we should be able to earn bitcoin happily for a long time.


If you have any question, feel free to use the comment section.

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